Our Story

  Do good, shop small, and spread the local love  

Our favorite spots may be closed and our focus is on staying well, but sometimes, you've got to shop! Fortunately, Gift Rochester has you covered.


The holiday weekend is quickly approaching and we have options for the littles in your life. What is notable in this collection of gifts is the lack of the same ol' same ol'. 


Even more special is that your money goes right back into the Rochester community. Many small business owners believe in helping their fellow entrepreneurs/small business owners, so the money you spend at one locally owned store more than likely goes into supporting another small local business. You’re spreading the local love.

Rochester is a town built for entrepreneurs, whether it’s in the tech space, medical world or a brick-and-mortar shop. By shopping small this week, you’re letting local owners know that you appreciate them and their business and you want them on the other side of this.


When you buy their goods as presents, you’re helping them earn a living doing what they love. We can’t think of a better way to spend money.


Do good, shop small, and spread the local love.

Stay well,

White Space team